Online Privacy, Security and Confidentiality since 2011

For 7 years, Swiss Cyber Safe has served as a proven fortress of protection by equipping customers with the tools to guard themselves against the unrelenting attacks to collect their personal information through big tech data gathering, unwarranted surveillance and cyber crimes affecting every home and enterprise today. So if only the best protection will do, you've come to the right company, since the best way to protect your own data is to be able to control it while securing it deep within the bunkers of the Swiss Alps.

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Built to protect the privacy of your personal data. We employ a wide range of security measures including internationally renowned encryption methods, strong user authentication and redundant data storage. Adheres to zero knowledge protocol, a guarantee that only the user will be able to access stored data. No one else has access including company employees or programmers.

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Swiss Safe provides customer specific encryption for your data. This ensures a maximum level of protection

File Storage

Store, backup & organize all of your important files in one highly secure location. Access them from anywhere.

Data Inheritance

Ensure that important digital assets are passed on to family members should something happen to you.

Password Manager

Save your passwords, PINs, credit card numbers, online banking credentials & website passwords in our secure password manager.

File Transfer

Forget about email attachments. Securely send files up to 2GB in size to anyone you wish.

Global Access

Swiss Safe combines the convenience of online cloud storage with the security standards of modern e-banking solutions.

Sync and Backup

Keeps all of your data in sync across all of your devices. Back-up your private documents & retrieve them in seconds.

Team Safe

Invite members to join separate work spaces where they can each be assigned specific roles & rights.


Secure Encrypted Email

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All people, companies, teams or associations with at least a minimal awareness of privacy and security should use our services because:

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