Protection in Simple Terms

Our Secure Email Protects:

Your online communications, address book and folders.  Uses AES-256 Encryption

Our VPN Service Protects:

Your online searches and web browsing. Uses AES-256 encryption

Our Swiss Safe Protects:

Your personal documents and website usernames/passwords.  See end-to-end encryption details below

Our Silent phone Protects:

Your phone calls, texts, video calls and files.  ZRTP true peer-to-peer key negotiation and encryption. You own the keys

Swiss Safe

End-to-End Encryption



  • Can activate 2-factor authentication
  • All passwords are encrypted using AES-256
  • All data stored on smart devices is encrypted with AES-256 keys so that the apps can be used in offline mode



  • User credentials, metadata and password safe entries are doubly protected (AES-256)
  • In addition to SSL protection, our safe creates a session key during SRP authentication to encrypt sensitive data such as your user data and password that is saved in your safe.
  • In contrast to other services, our Safe NEVER has to buffer your personal password or elements derived directly from it.


Data Center

  • Your data is protected through disaster recovery management through triple application mirroring across two data centers
  • OS and 3rd party applications are constantly updated and strengthened
  • Our data centers are characterized by the highest level of security and are also compliant to Swiss banking commission security standards.