What is a VPN?

A virtual private network (VPN) provides you with another IP address so the one your internet provider assigned to your computer stays private. This way you can browse the internet safely, more secure and privately!


Hides your IP address

Your IP address is like a home address for your internet device. That is how they track & know your location. Our VPN automatically gives you an anonymous one.

Protects you from Hackers

Our VPN automatically encrypts everything you send over the internet. This protects your data from a "Man in the Middle" attack

Remove Restrictions

Open up the World Wide Web so countries censoring your web searches are a thing of the past

Peace of Mind

When you use Public Wi-Fi everything you access such as banking information, private accounts, passwords, usernames and more could easily fall into the wrong hands. Will you be protected from cybercrime when it matters most?

Secure your Internet

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