Swiss Safe Affiliate Program

$85.00 for 1 year

The Swiss Safe Affiliate Package equips you with your own Swiss Business Safe. This gives you the ability to offer our personal & business Swiss Safe offerings.


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Offer our Flagship service and help others secure their online Privacy!  The Swiss Safe Affiliate Package equips you with your own Swiss Business Safe and discounts on all other services offered.  $85 is paid annually which is the only required cost of operating your own business with PrivacyAbroad. You will have all of the Swiss Safe solutions to offer potential clients and will receive up to a 30% residual commission for your efforts!

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Highly secure digital vault and password manager for businesses exchanging personal client data.  Exceeds all FINRA cyber security recommendations for financial service providers and advisors.

Private Safe:  Store and edit all your important files in a highly secure digital vault.  Thanks to triple redundant data storage, your documents will benefit from high-end protection, avoiding potential data loss.

Safe Web & Mobile Access:  Instantly access from any browser, iOS or Android device.  Your data remains highly secure even with mobile access.

File Synchronization:  With the Safe Client for PC/Mac, you can synchronize files between your PC and online Safe account.

Secure Send:  Use the Secure Send feature to encrypt and send files up to 2 GB in size to any recipient of your choice.  The recipient does not need a Swiss Safe account to download files. 

Password manager:  Our integrated password manager ensures reliable password protection, preventing any misuse. 

Data Inheritance:  Data inheritance allows you to ensure that business partners or family members have access to important information such as PINs and passwords in the event of an emergency or death.

Safe Professional:  20 GB personal file storage.  Optional branding with a minimum order of 50 Safes or more.

Optional Branding:  Branding keeps your business name or logo in front of your clients on a regular basis.  A great value added benefit that shows you care!  One time setup fee.