Swiss Safe Silver 20GB

$48.00 for 1 year

With our Swiss Safe, store your files and passwords in one secure location. Access them via any browser, iOS or Android device. Your secure online data storage!



Store your files and passwords in one secure location in Switzerland

Secure File Storage: Store, backup and organize all of your important files in one highly secure location.  Access them from anywhere.

Secure Password Manager:  Save your passwords, PINs, credit card numbers, online banking credentials etc. in the integrated password manager.

Secure File Transfer:  Forget about email attachments.  Securely transfer files of up to 2GB in size to anyone you want.

Customer Specific Encryption:  Our Swiss Data Safe provides customer specific encryption for your data.  This ensures a maximum level of protection.

Secure Global Access:  Our safe combines the convenience of online cloud storage with the security standards of modern e-banking solutions.

Data Inheritance:  Ensure that important digital assets are passed on to family members should something happen to you.