Swiss Safe Silver 20GB

$48.00 for 1 year

With our Swiss Safe, store your files and passwords in one secure location. Access them via any browser, iOS or Android device. Your secure online data storage!

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Store your files and passwords in one secure location in Switzerland

Secure File Storage: Store, backup and organize all of your important files in one highly secure location.  Access them from anywhere.

Secure Password Manager:  Save your passwords, PINs, credit card numbers, online banking credentials etc. in the integrated password manager.

Secure File Transfer:  Forget about email attachments.  Securely transfer files of up to 2GB in size to anyone you want.

Customer Specific Encryption:  Our Swiss Data Safe provides customer specific encryption for your data.  This ensures a maximum level of protection.

Secure Global Access:  Our safe combines the convenience of online cloud storage with the security standards of modern e-banking solutions.

Data Inheritance:  Ensure that important digital assets are passed on to family members should something happen to you.