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For 7 years, PrivacyAbroad, GmbH has served as a proven fortress of protection to guard against the unrelenting attacks to collect the personal data, browsing history, call logs, “free” email content and theft through cyber attacks against homes and enterprises. Our customers are assured their data is secured by the finest services using the most private servers in the world and can feel confident that same level of protection will continue well into the future. Thank you for considering us for all your cybersecurity needs and remember, the safest place for your data is within the bunkers of the Swiss Alps.

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Swiss Safe is built to protect the privacy of your data. We employ a wide range of security measures including internationally renowned encryption methods, strong user authentication and redundant data storage..

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Swiss Safe relies on two certified data centers, which fulfill the requirements of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA. One of the data centers is located in a former military bunker deep in the Swiss mountains..

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All people, companies, teams or associations with at least a minimal awareness of privacy and security should use PrivacyAbroad because:

Our data centers are characterized by the highest level of security and are also compliant to Swiss banking commission security standards..

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