Why use a Secure Email?

All homes, businesses and companies with at least a minimal awareness of privacy and security should use our Secure Email because:

  • Unlike “free” email accounts, we do not read or scan your emails then sell your data for marketing purposes.
  • We have no advertising at all. As well as being irritating, banner ads can also represent risks such as malware infection.
  • We provide secure access all over the world using any email exchange client like Outlook.
  • Your emails are saved and backed-up in Switzerland, which has the strongest legislation for privacy protection in the world.
  • We have no backdoors, not even for Switzerland itself.


Both data centers are located in Switzerland. They are protected with high security access control (biometric ID) and equipped with all technical equipment needed to protect against power, water and fire incidents. The data centers satisfy the official Swiss banking standard (EBK Richtlinien 99/2).


All servers have mirrored hard disks to prevent loss of data and to minimize downtimes. All services run in virtual machines, which allows us to react quickly and flexibly to any situation.


Spam filter

All email accounts can use our spam filter. Within the Control Center you can adjust the settings to your needs.

Virus scanner

We scan all incoming emails for viruses and drop all infected emails.


Our Pricing Plans

For any questions regarding our pricing plans above, contact us!