Online Privacy and Data Protection for Family Offices


Online privacy, data protection and cyber solutions empower high net worth individuals and their family offices to consolidate, view and interact with their total wealth in a simple yet ultra secure way. With a strong focus on privacy and security, our technologies offered are exclusively developed and hosted in Switzerland, enabling clients to create simplicity for their complex wealth data.

"Cybercriminals view Family Offices as enterprises and are increasingly targeting them to gain access to data ultimately leading to theft of their hard earned wealth. Our Swiss based protection equips family offices to guard themselves against these threats 24/7."David Boron - Founder/CEO - Swiss Cyber Safe, GmbH

Consolidate your total wealth - We offer a new experience to overview and interact with your total wealth privately in real time.

100% privacy - Your business stays your business. Switzerland boasts the strongest data protection laws worldwide.

Data inheritance - Ensures that family members or business partners have access to your data in the event of sickness or death.

Keep your data safe & secure - Regain ownership of your important data and keep it under your control at all times.

Zero knowledge protocol - Regain control over your assets and who can view it. With this protocol only you can access your data.

Communicate in a secure way - Secure communication tools implemented for sharing information with your trusted partners.


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